The most popular shisha flavors include apple, strawberry, mint, and cola. In the shisha pipe to heat the tobacco and create smoke, timber and charcoal are burned. If the tobacco has been crowded appropriately and heat is controlled adequately in your shisha, you will get exact flavor whatever intended with just a mild touch of tobacco. But if things are not packed properly, you'll taste burned down tobacco and scorched sugar, which gives the sour taste.

Particular shisha flavors appear to be comprehensive in the whole world for their popularity. It doesn't matter where you are smoking; all of these best shisha flavors for vaping. Ice berry (cool mint), orange, citrus ice, and blueberry are the best shisha flavors, but there are some other top flavors we are going to discuss one by one.

Starbuzz blue mist
Starbuzz blue mist is an elegant and widespread hookah flavor from the Starbuzz exotic hookah tobacco collection. It is a favorite flavor for newbies, and it has a Coca-Cola taste for shisha. It has a delicious combination of sweet blueberry and cool mint and gives a cooling and fresh feel whenever used. It is a great flavor to be suggested to the new person with no experience of shisha vaping past. The mint doesn't come out in flavor but in a calming stinging authorization.

The most incredible feature of this blue mist flavor is that it consists of washed tobacco leaves with low nicotine levels thus making it soft and easy to enjoy for new users. Low nicotine level easily adjusts with your brain without giving you any kind of dizziness or buzz.

Nakhla Double Apple
It’s the best choice for all those people who want to add hookah in your everyday sittings with old school guys or traditional functions. Nakhla Double Apple hookah still comes with the original taste and recipe without any adulteration. The reason behind so much popularity in the shisha-loving community is the unprocessed dark leaf tobacco that gives a kind of hard buzz after few whiffs and lets the party boom within minutes. Those unprocessed leaves consist of higher nicotine to give a kind of deep buzz to the consumers.

Fumari Ambrosia

A unique and best hookah till today that is not easily available at all bars or stores is Fumari Ambrosia. As the name indicates, it consists of higher contents of the Ambrosia fruit. The extra blending of melon and pineapple give it citrus like the taste and it gives you two different taste within one flavor. The aroma comes from it is much sweet and gives it a marshmallow finish.

Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave
If you’re feeling cozy and want to have some Mountain Dew like taste in your shisha, then this Pirate’s Cave from Starbuzz is the right choice to try. By using this flavor you’ll feel the best of Sweet and sour together as at the start it gives a lime-like aroma and then gets converted to candy-like flavor.

Al Fakher Mint
In previous years when shisha wasn’t so popular and only simple fruit flavors were dominant, the mint flavor from Al Fakher dominated the market within no time by providing a completely different and amazing flavor to the shisha lovers. Al Fakher Mint is considered to be the most iconic shisha demanded by all the hookah lover community.